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Bring on the Bling!

When we designed the Fitness Button™, we wanted to not only include the practical fitness applications (accelerometer, gyroscope, hydration/temperature sensors, etc.), but were also determined to have our product include something that we found lacking in the fitness tracker marketplace--an attractive piece that people would love to wear! What a concept . . .. We believe that we have accomplished this with all the interchangeable pieces available that can be attached to the Fitness Button™. (See “Bling” above.)

In this video we introduce you to twelve of the custom-made pieces, using Swarovski crystals, that are some of the many options you will have for attaching to the Fitness Button™. We created this video because the photographs alone could not capture enough of the beauty, brilliance, and boldness of these pieces. And while we think this video does a good job of showcasing our crystal bling, you really have to see these in person to appreciate how exquisite these beauties really are! 


Swarovski Crystal Fitness Buttons

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