Min   Temp   Moist

The data chart below was created using a skin monitor. The monitor included a temperature (pink line) and moisture (yellow line) sensor. It was placed on the body throughout the entire sleep period of approximately 6 hours. Highs and lows in temperature and moisture seem to indicate this was not a particularly restful sleep. Dozens of sessions have been recorded with varying results. It is not our intent here to fully analyze the meaning of these results, but rather to show the capability of the product.


Many interesting facts can be found on the web addressing the skins moisture level throughout the day and at night. Here is a helpful link . . . .  https://www.tuck.com/thermoregulation/

The graph above demonstrates what happens when the Eagle Eye Tracker is placed on the body at night. It shows how it can be used to observe the thermoregulation of the body during sleep.

Notice how the body temperature and moisture make a clear change when entering REM sleep.

Notice how body moisture drops in this demonstration consistently through out the sleep period.

Notice how moisture rises when no longer asleep.

Sleep Monitoring

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